Live Tweeting Tips for Dummies With Examples

So you are attending an event, you have a smartphone in your hand, the organizers have arranged free WiFi, but still you are not tweeting!

Here are some tips for live tweeting that will help you leverage the full potential of Twitter while attending events.

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Google Shopping Displaying Wrong Price and Low Quality Results

Recently I noticed some awkward results in Google Shopping during search. I found that there are some difference in the prices between Google shopping results and the actual product page.

I am going to discuss about results for the search query: [samsung galaxy note 2] one by one. Below picture shows the shopping results for the search query. And the shopping ads displays results from, Snapdeal and Flipkart.

amazon wrong price results google shopping

Shopping Results for query [samsung galaxy note 2]

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Google Webmaster Tools Shows Manual Actions Against Your WebSite

Finally after all the Disavows and Penguins, Google has launched a section in its Webmaster Tools named “Manual Actions” based on the request from site owners. As the name suggests the section will help identify if Google’s webspam team has applied any manual penalties to the site. It is available under “Search Traffic” in Webmaster Tools. Continue reading

Googlebomb for Italian Bar Girl and Co-Occurrence For Sonia Gandhi

There is a new Googlebomb on the SERP and this time it is not targeting any politicians in USA but the most powerful women in the world – Sonia Gandhi. The Wikipedia page about Sonia Gandhi ranks second for the query Italian bar girl.
To my knowledge this is the first Googlebomb for someone in India. You can see Google’s statement on Googlebombs.

Italian bar girl Google search

I did an anchor text analysis for that page and I failed to find any web pages linking to the Wikipedia article with that anchor text. So that’s definitely not a link bomb where lots of links with unrelated anchor text causes a web page to rank high for that unrelated search. An example was the Googlebomb for “miserable failure” which caused the White House page for George Bush to rank number 1 for that search. Continue reading